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Good Times - Social Adult Day Care is a form of respite offered for families, individuals and caregivers. It is also a place for socialization for those who are in need of daily "people contact." Located at the Shirley J. Luck Center, Good Times provides transportation, lunch and "light' recreational activities on a donation basis for Fulton County residents who are 60 years of age or older. Call the Shirley J. Luck Center at 762-4643 for more information.

For more information: http://cityofjohnstown.ny.gov/senior-citizens-center/

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ADVOCACY - The OFA is charged by the Federal Government with the role of providing advocacy services for seniors in their communities and at the State and Federal level. Advocacy involves representing seniors to preserve, develop and protect programs, services and rights.

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Alcoholics Resource Center: https://alcoholicsanonymous.com/

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New York State Office for the Aging
Launch of New Online Tool
to Help Older New Yorkers and Other High Risk Individuals
Protect Themselves from COVID-19

Public-Private Partnership between New York State Office for the Aging, Inc., and Association on Aging in New York

CV19 CheckUp Tool Developed by BellAge Offers Individualized Support Options to Help Reduce Risk and Enhance Quality of Life for High Risk New Yorkers of All Ages: newyork.cv19checkup.org

Download Information Here | Visit CV19 CheckUp Tool

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EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT - Tax Credit Assistance IT-214 - For all senior citizens, particularly those 65 and over on fixed incomes, New York State may give you a cash refund on the rent or local property taxes you pay on your home. It is not necessary that you have paid income taxes in order to qualify for this benefit. http://tax.ny.gov/

Call OFA at 736-5650 for additional assistance.

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ELDERCARE LOCATOR- Contact: Eldercare Locator - 1-800-677-1116

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EXPANDED IN-HOME SERVICES FOR THE ELDERLY PROGRAM (EISEP) - The EISEP program provides housekeeping and personal care services, respite services for family members of EISEP clients, ancillary services and case management services. Services are provided under contract through licensed home care agencies to those 60 and over, on a sliding fee scale, based upon income of the recipient.
Call 518-736-5650 for more information.

Local Home Care Services Links for potential private pay services include but are not limited to::

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EMPLOYMENT - The OFA is a partner with the FMS Workforce System and provides referrals into the system and accepts referrals from the system to assist people of all ages. Call 518-736-5650 for assistance via NYConnects.

NY Connect Fulton County

Use this link to find out more information about FMS Workforce Solutions System: http://www.fmsworkforcesolutions.org

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The Fulton Co. Public Health Department - The Fulton Co. Public Health Department provides information and guidance about all issues related to community health and wellness, screenings and immunizations for all ages, dental clinics, and up to date public health information (ie pandemic flu). Call 518-736-5720 for information.

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After Flood Concerns and Clean-up - Click here to download this informative brochure.

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HEAP - is the Home Energy Assistance Program which assists in the payment of heating bills. If you are 60 years of age or older, on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Social Security Disability (SSD), you may apply through the Fulton County Office for Aging. Eligibility is based on the household's gross monthly income. The income limitations and benefit amounts are set at the start of the HEAP season and listed in a local newspaper for your information.
Download Flyer Here

OFA is also the second HEAP Certifier for the Department of Social Services. Anyone under the age of 60 may also apply for HEAP by appointment at OFA. http://otda.ny.gov/programs/heap/

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ENTITLEMENT COUNSELING - Can't pay medical bills? Confused about medical coverage? Denied Social Security disability? What's SSI and how do I apply for it? Will I lose my house if I apply for Medicaid? Call OFA and get expert answers end caring advice, help filling out forms and someone to go with you (or in place of you) when you apply for these benefits and other benefits.

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RESPITE - Many elderly people are cared for at home. The people providing the care are often in need of respite. Respite is a service that provides personal care aides to care for the elderly person so that the caregiver can have several hours to do something other than care giving. Caregivers deserve all the support they can receive because of the huge hours of care they give to the elderly everywhere. Call Office for Aging for a Home Visit to determine if you are eligible, 518-736-55650.

Non-institutional Respite is also available at:


Good Times - Social Adult Day Care is a form of respite offered for families, individuals and caregivers. It is also a place for socialization for those who are in need of daily "people contact.". Located at the Shirley J. Luck Center, Good Times provides transportation, lunch and "light' recreational activities on a donation basis for Fulton County residents who are 60 years of age or older. Call the Shirley J. Luck Center at 762-4643 for more information.

For more information: http://cityofjohnstown.ny.gov/senior-citizens-center/

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HEALTH AND WELLNESS - Fitness, social and volunteer opportunities are provided throughout the year through senior groups and centers. Contact the OFA for possible programming for your members.

  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • New York State Fair
  • Annual Senior Picnic
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Nutrition Counseling as Chronic Disease Self Management

Keep your body fit, keep your spirit happy with a variety of on-going activities sponsored by OFA.

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HOSPICE - Mountain Valley Hospice, http://www.mountainvalleyhospice.com/

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INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE - For information about the many community services and benefits available to senior citizens, call the Fulton County Office for Aging (collect) at 736-5650 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or call the New York State Office for the Aging's toll free number: 1 -800-342-9871.

NY CONNECTS - Visit this link to find information available Statewide

All calls for NY Connects should be made to 518-736-5650. Central Assessment has been transitioned into Aging and DSS. For Medicaid services please call 518-736-5615

Visit this link to find information on many of the services available to you in Fulton County, NY.

Ny Connects

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INSURANCE COUNSELING - The Office for Aging offers counseling for the completion and problems with supplemental insurance, medicare claims or bills, doctor's bills, and problems with insurance companies regarding the payment of bills. Are you having trouble with your insurance company or are you unclear about your bills? Call OFA for an appointment and we will be glad to help you.

Download Medicare 101 Local Info. || Download Medicare 101 State Info.

- EPIC - EPIC is a prescription insurance plan that saves eligible seniors 60% or more on their prescription costs. New York State residents ages 65 and older. There's either a premium to pay or a deductible to meet to enroll in the program. The income eligibility criteria, premiums and deductibles are subject to changes which will permit more seniors to apply and increase savings. For more information call EPIC toll free number 1-800-332-3742 or visit: http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/epic/

Resourceful links:  
NY State Office for Aging, insurance sites
Official Medicare site
Medicare Rights Center
Empire Medicare Services
Community/Senior Blue
NY State Insurance site
Healthy NY
Social Security Administration
Veterans Benefits
Universal American

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LEGAL SERVICES - The Fulton County Office for Aging provides county residents ages 60 and older with free legal advice and representation pertaining to, but not limited to:

  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Social Security and Supplemental Security Income
  • Landlord/Tenant Relations
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Hospital Patient Rights
  • Adult and Nursing Home Residents Rights
  • Other Entitlements and Benefits
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Proxy
  • Living Wills

Legal Services are not available to cover wills, criminal cases, negligence actions or other cases for which a private attorney may be obtained on a contingency basis.

You must be referred to Legal Aid by Fulton County Office for Aging, call 736-5650 for more information

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OUTREACH - OFA offers outreach to seniors who are unable to understand or access the information or services that they need. We visit homes, write newspaper articles, speak to groups, send information to doctors' offices and churches and refer seniors to as many programs as they need. Please call and let us know who needs our information or services.

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NUTRITION PROGRAM FOR SENIORS OF FULTON COUNTY -  Offers services including congregate dining at convenient local sites, home delivered meals, nutrition counseling, socialization and a volunteer program to persons over 60 and their spouses.

A voluntary contribution of $3.00 per meal is accepted at the Office for Aging by check or cash/check in the envelopes provided to participants

Because the needs often outweigh the means, we ask that you consider making a voluntary contribution to the Fulton Co. Office for Aging, if you are able. You can designate which program area you wish your voluntary contribution to support from this list:

  • Home Care
  • Nutrition Services Trust Fund
  • Care Management
  • Transportation
  • Caregiver Services
  • Health Insurance Counseling
  • Where there is the most need


Please send your contribution to: Fulton Co. Office for Aging 19 N. William St. Johnstown, NY 12095

Congregate Dining - Congregate Dining sites are conveniently located throughout Fulton County and are open between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM Monday through Friday. Congregate sites have been designed to accommodate those persons 60 years old and older who desire a nutritional meal, fellowship and social activities. You do not need to live in the area where the meal site is hosted, all are welcome! Reservations can be made at the sites from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM or by calling the Office for the Aging from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Join Us for Lunch Quick Tips

Reservations must be made one day in advance. If a holiday falls on the day of a Meal Site, the site will be closed. This happens with all Federal Holidays.

Fulton County Nutrition Program Congregate Dining and Outreach Sites:
Download Congregate Dining Site List Here

  • Forest Hill Towers/Gloversville Area
    Forest Street
    Gloversville, NY 12078
    Open Monday thru Friday
    Call OFA at 736-5650 to reserve a meal
    Fulton County Office of Aging
  • Mayfield Area
    Mayfield Town Hall
    Mayfield, NY 12117
    Open Every Other Wednesday
    Call Office for Aging, 518-736-5650 to reserve meal.
    Fulton County Office of Aging
  • Northville United Presbyterian Church
    161 Reed Street
    Northville, NY 12134
    Open Every Thursday
    Call OFA at 518-736-5650 to reserve a meal.

    Fulton County Office of Aging
  • Vail Mills/Perth/Broadalbin Area
    Petoff Garden Apartments
    309 Co Hwy 155
    Gloversville, NY 12078
    Open Every Monday and Thursday
    Call OFA at 736-5650 to reserve a meal
    Fulton County Office of Aging
  • Johnstown Area
    Foothills Worship Center
    305 Jansen Ave.
    Johnstown, NY 12095
    Open Every Tuesday and Friday
    Call OFA at 736-5650 to reserve a meal

Transportation to the congregate dining sites may be arranged by also calling the Office for Aging at 736-5650.

HOME DELIVERED MEALS - Home delivered meals are provided to homebound persons who, based on an assessment, are determined to be unable to meet their daily nutritional needs. Home delivered meals provide one hot noon meal and frozen weekend or supper meals.

Download Home Delivered Meals Quick Tips Here.

NUTRITION EDUCATION AND COUNSELING - A Registered Dietitian is available for counseling and assistance with special diet problems, restrictions, food/nutrition related questions, and nutrition education.

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LONG TERM CARE OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM - The New York State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program recruits and trains local volunteers and Ombudsman (advocates) to receive, investigate and resolve a wide range of concerns and complaints made by or on behalf of residents of adult and nursing homes.

Ombudsmen visit the facilities regularly to: monitor the quality of care, help residents understand and exercise their rights, assure care with dignity and respect, and encourage residents to express their opinions.

For more information contact the local Ombudsman Coordinator at http://www.ltcombudsman.ny.gov/

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Assisted Living Directory: http://www.assisted-living-directory.com/
Senior Communities in NY: https://www.senioradvisor.com/

Fulton Center for Rehab & Health Care
847 Co. Hwy 122
Gloversville, NY 12078
Nursing Home
Hillcrest Springs
Upper Market St.
Amsterdam, NY 12010
Adult Home & NY State Assisted Living Program
Pineview Commons
201 S. Melcher St.
Johnstown, NY 12095

Adult Home & NY State Assisted Living Program

Nathan Littauer Hospital
Nursing Home

99 East State St.
Gloversville, NY 12078
Wells Nursing Home
201 West Madison Ave.
Johnstown, NY 12095

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REAL PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS - Homeowners or those with "Life Use" on transferred residences who are 65 or older should file Form RP 467, partial property tax exemptions each year between January 1st and March 1st with your local tax assessor. http://tax.ny.gov/

Call OFA at 736-5650 for additional assistance.

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EARNED INCOME CREDIT - Senior citizens up to the age of 64 who earn wages up to $9000 per year may be eligible for a Federal & State Earned Income Credit, even if you are also on Social Security. See your local tax preparer to file an EIC 1040 (Federal) and an IT-215 (State) if you qualify.

Call OFA at 736-5650 for additional assistance.

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Bannertown 55+ Club,
Meeting Place: Mayfield Town Hall, Mayfield, NY 12117
Day/Time: Every other Wednesday at 1p.m.

Ida McGinnis Senior Club,
Meeting Place: Forest hill Towers, Gloversville, NY 12078
Day/Time: Tuesdays 1:30p.m.

Leona B Trumbull Senior Citizen Club and Center (formerly Western Fulton County Senior Club and Center), 5740 State Highway 29, St. Johnsville, NY 13452
Meeting Place: Former Community Hall on right across from cemetery.
Day/Time: 2nd Monday of month; 12:00 covered dish, 1:00 meeting

Oppenheim Senior Citizens Center, Inc., 108 Tobacco Road, PO Box 225, Dolgeville, NY 13329
Meeting Place: Oppenheim Center, 568-3004
Day/Time: Monday (1st & 3rd) at
7:00p.m. (April-October)
1:00p.m. (Nov.-Mar.)
1st meeting 1st Monday in March (Closed January & February)

Nick Stoners Seniors, Caroga Lake Town Hall, 1840 State Highway 10, Caroga Lake, NY 12032
Day/Time: Tuesday (1st & 3rd) at 1:30p.m.

Broadalbin Senior Citizens, St Joseph's Church Hall, Main Street, Broadalbin
Wednesday (every other) at 1:00p.m.

Shirley J. Luck Center
109 E. Main Street, Johnstown, NY 12095

Director: Dee Roemer

Gloversville Senior Center,
53 Church St. Gloversville, NY 12078
Board President: Gray Pritkin

Perth Senior Citizen Club, Perth Senior Center, 1849 County Highway 107, Amsterdam, NY 12010
Meeting Place: Perth Town Hall
Day/Time: Wednesday at 11a.m.

Stratford Senior Citizens Club, 120 Piscco Road, Stratford, NY 13470
Day/Time: Tuesday (2nd of month) at 1p.m.

Sacandaga Task Force for Senior Living
Mailing Address: STFSL, PO BOx 1036, Northville, NY 12134
Website: http://www.stfsl.org/

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Veteran's Services -

Ian Pitcavage,
Fulton County Veterans Service Agency Director

(518)736-5960 Fax

PO Box 127 2712 State Highway 29 Johnstown, NY 12095
New York State Division of Veteran's Affairs United State Department of Veteran's Affairs MyHealthEVet
New York State Division of Veteran's Affairs Untied State Department of Veteran's Affairs MyHealthEVet
Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans - The Recovery Village  
Treatment Center locator for Veterans - https://www.treatment-centers.net/find-veterans-treatment.html
How to Start a Small Business - A Veteran's SMB Guide With Tools and Financial Resources - https://digital.com/veterans-business/
Medicare and Veterans Benefits -

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Volunteer Opportunities -

  • Deliver Home Delivered Meals
  • Help at Dining Sites
  • Participate on Advisory Council
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman (need to be 18 yrs of age or older)
  • Health Insurance Peer Counselor
  • Work at the Annual Summer Picnic

Call the OFA at 518-736-5650 to get more information.

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TRANSPORTATION - Door to door services countywide for those 60 and over, transportation to medical and social day care to get medical treatment, visit senior centers, meal sites and to take care of banking and shopping needs. Wheelchair-accessible bus transportation is available with a minimum of 24 hours advance reservation.

An Office for Aging staff member needs to see you before you can ride the bus.

The system runs Monday through Friday. Call 518-736-5650 for information to reserve your seat.

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SENIOR NEWSLETTER - The OFA publishes a quarterly newsletter. We mail it directly to seniors and distribute it through meal sites end senior centers. We hope to provide information to as many seniors as we can. The newsletter is mailed the first week of the month. We encourage all seniors to contribute to our newsletter. Click Here to download our latest Newsletter.

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SPECIAL NEEDS REGISTRY - This form is to be filled out if you would like to added to the special needs sheltering database, it is a place Fulton Co. lists people who have medical/physical/emotional compromises and would need assistance in an emergency.

Download Form

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CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Case managers assist seniors with problems such as housing, protection, consumer issues, need for home care, adult or nursing home placement, securing benefits such as Medicaid, SSI, food stamps and supplemental insurance. Case managers can be reached at 736-5650.

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YOUTH - Youth Development Funds administered now via Office for Aging Director. Volunteer Youth Bureau Advisory Council meets regularly to discuss issue issues related to prevention, health education, recreation and intergenerational projects.
website: http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/


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